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Hello everyone,
Thank you so much for taking the time to read this heart felt message in its entirety. I realized going into this campaign I would need supporters, and help to share this campaign message with other potential AOK supporters.  I also realize that the most successful campaign starts with core supporters; which is why I chose you to help me make this campaign a huge success.  Having you to be a door of support in this meaning Cause, will be the grand opening to greater things come I've been praying for.  And to make my fundraising goal a huge support of success which I will be so appreciative, happy and grateful.

I am a Home Health Care Professional, and I love what I do but it doesn't financially support my Cause ...I didn't know what to do.  But, I knew that I had to do something... a friend who has been getting financial help for her Cancer treatments from gofundme ...and I followed her lead.
Quick true story:
I had 22 clients, told by doctors that said, "That they had only a few days/a few months to live; call Family /friends because there's nothing more we can do for them!" And by God's GRACEFUL LOVE in my [❤] Care; they lived in some cases much longer than expected.  Its success stories like these that add joy to my life...and I enjoy adding more life to the well being of others.  And for me AOK is not random but a way of life.  Quote: "I ONLY Believe LOVE, everything else is created." By Vonda Grant.

As unsettling as this is to ask for help I can't let that stop me.  And from the center of my heart I'm asking for your unwavering, favorable, (AOK) Act of Kindness. AOK's are [🌎] Earth Angels with the Best of Good Intentions.  And getting involved with this wonderful Cause will be greatly appreciated; and I will have God Of LOVE, all of you, and any other potential AOK supporters that get involved because of your influence...I thank you in advance for helping me to become the greatest version of me; and increase my chances for a Successful Campaign venture... [☺] !  And I will give you in exchange for your generous donations an invite to be a Featured Guest on my Radio Show called:  "Trust Gods Voice Radio to be Interviewed to share your AOK Act Of Kindness Story(s) an effort to promote more AOK in the world in light of what happened in Paris, and San Bernardino California...
Quotes: by Vonda Grant
I am Becoming The Greatest Version Of I AM In Me.
It Is Absolutely True WE Are #Brilliant #Amazing #Phenomenal Beings!

I am a member of:  #NeverSettleClub: Founded by: Mario Armstrong Award Winning Talk Show Host of The TODAY SHOW.

Kind regards,

Vonda Grant aka AnJolena North .

To create one's world in any of the arts takes courage.


Thank you for stopping  by I am Vonda Grant aka AnJolena North , Host and Executive Producer of Trust God's Voice Radio airs every Sunday 11AM Eastern, 10 AM Central, 9AM Mountain, 8AM Pacific On Raven International Amazing Women Of Power Talk 24.7 Radio Network.  And all shows are available via archives to listen at your leisure. Sending you Loving Star seeds of unlimited power for unlimited possibilities to be planted in all humanity.  To help you open up new universal life forces of power that will bring about healing in every area of your life.  And as you read these words I speak, immediately you will feel an emotional shifting lift, and begin to feel the power of Love conquer and defeat any negative feeling, and experience a shifting lifting you away from negativity to feeling 'BETTER'.  And anything that helps you to experience feeling Better, "IS" a Miracle up close and personal.  Ever since I was a little girl, I had the hope of becoming a Doctor, or an entertainer on TV but Family and those that meant well talk me out of it.  I've been enthralled with drawing, singing, fashion design, writing, playing piano and guitar--the tools, the process, the finished product. Using my talent and Life's journey to make a difference in the world has always definitely been a dream come true. I'm happy and grateful to have collaborated with some of the most talented in the industry. Each day, I strive to create the best art full version of I AM that I can... When I create, my flights of fancy come alive in people's hearts and minds through my creative expression.  And the reality radio show is about my life's journey as a survivor of Anaphylaxis shock, sharing tips about things that you didn't know that will help you  experience the greatest version of you, and also working on the legacy I leave behind reveals unknown history... AOK awareness campaign that reveal a true sign of greatness.  Go to: ; funds raised will be used for taking the book and turning it into Big Screen Movie Project that's in need of funding; and the Book is currently in the Movie Script phase. I'm so Happy and Grateful I found Kathy Krantz Stewart; a Movie Production's Film Company that found the book interesting enough to be a great Movie and I'm sharing this information because I'm asking for your financial support. I decided on gofundme, and PayPal to make it easy for AOK donors to support this great cause...also you can connect with me and check out my fun entertainment videos on, and,,;


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